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Economic Recession Affecting Wedding Video Industry

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

hans-film-festival-to-national-crop-picture9Hans Ayala from :

Everyone is being affected by this economic recession. You may have experience it personally or might know someone that has been laid off.

Many industries out there have been affected by this economic downturn, the wedding video production industry is not any different. Many wedding video company have reduced their prices. Many people believe, once one reduces their prices, it’s difficult to bring them back up again. I don’t believe it’s true. I believe it’s necessary during difficult times. Wedding video producers need to make a living. Because business is slow, many reduced their prices to generate more business. It creates spiral phenomenon, once a large wedding video company reduces their prices, everyone in the industry will do too. It turns into a vicious cycle. This is why I believe, the price will go up again. Once this economic recession passes by, just as every other recession we have had in history. The industry will start increasing their prices to their fair value. It will again take a leader (major wedding company) to lead again, and set the benchmark prices once again.

Business will always be there. It’s just media influence driven perception that creates this psychological pessimistic outlook. Couples will continue to fulfill their promise to each other. Their wedding day will go on, just like Celine Dion’s song, ‘my heart will go on.’ ;) They will continue to be together during good and bad times. Of course, during difficult times they will look for bargains.

It is only fair to adjust accordingly to the times you are living in. I do believe that if you have a positive outlook in life, and be true to yourself, you will feel good about yourself, regardless of what’s happening around you. The main point, it’s that you are not being affected emotionally. Keep this positive energy, outlook, and attitude, and your clients will see this in you. You are already responding to their needs by reducing your prices during this difficult times we are living in.

There are people out there that are taking advantage of this situation and offering gigs below industry level compensation. Do not lower yourself. Have pride at the work you do and get compensated for the right price for your skills and knowledge. Remember you are not just lowering your compensation, but also everyone else in the industry. People have worked hard and dedicated many hours to acquire such skills and knowledge.

Those are my two cents for today. My blog it’s my own personal opinions, observations and beliefs.

P.S. Be and remain positive at all times. You are reflection of your own attitude and beliefs. What you project of yourself, it’s what you’ll receive back. Just like Newton’s Law, ‘for every action there is an equal reaction.’ If you project a positive energy and attitude around you, you will receive the same energy and atttitude back.

Toronto Wedding Video Tips – Park Permits

Monday, June 8th, 2009

dsc06125Hans Ayala from :

I’ve been asked, where are Toronto and GTA (Greater Toronto Area) nice parks and places for a ‘love walk’ and ‘park’ wedding video. I found this information on the Internet ( that’s very comprehensive and useful, see below:

  • Guildwood Park Versace style architecture, pillars, molded arches, stairs, amphitheater, fountain, lakeshore, flowers. Highly recommended. 416 392 8188
  • Alexander Muir Park Architecture, iron gates, trees, stairs, flowers. Recommended. 416 392 8188
  • Newmarket Tannery Indoor. Fountain, granite, roman architecture, balconies, pillars, iron gates, bright. Only for last minute booking in case of rain. 905 895 6833
  • University of Toronto Architecture, antique, castles, iron gates, trees, stairs. Highly recommended. 416 978 2187
  • Knox College Part of the UofT. Has indoor and outdoor areas for shooting. Architecture, antique, castles, iron gates, trees, stairs. Highly recommended. 416 978 0168
  • The Distillery District s One of the coolest places in town. Architecture, art, brick, iron and wooden gates, cafes. Highly recommended. Pay at the gate, Front and Mill
  • James Gardens Traditional park, lots of trees, flowers, bridges, some water. Busy. 416 392 8188
  • Garloch Gardens Park, trees, flowers, bridge, lakeshore, pond, gazebo, rose garden, benches, stairs, rocks, hills. FREE, Oakville Lakeshore
  • Centennial Garden Indoor greenhouse and small outdoor park, trees, flowers, rocks. 416 392 8188
  • Casa Loma Indoor and outdoor architecture, balconies, rod iron gates, gardens, stairs. Highly recommended. 416 923 1172
  • Edwards Gardens Same as James Gardens, but larger and has a fountains and a staircase. Very busy. 416 392 8188
  • Kensington Market s Really edgy and fun. Graffiti and locals. FREE
  • Adamson Estate Lakeshore, trees, flowers, stairs, amphitheater, barn, bridge, benches. Not as busy as other parks. Recommended. 905 896 5384
  • Osgoode Hall Architecture, stairs, fence, flowers, trees. Nice in combination with urban wedding shots on University, Queen, and Nathan Philips Square. FREE, Queen and University
  • Mel Lastman Square Gazebo, stairs, stage, flowers, fountain, balconies, alleys, trees, flowers. Urban shots for couples who do not want to go downtown. FREE, Yonge North of Sheppard
  • Harbourfront s Lakeshore, bridges, stairs, balconies, boats, outdoor cafes, trees, pool, brick walls. Recommended. Free, Lakeshore and York
  • Chinguacousy Park Indoor greenhouse, small outdoor park, fountain, trees, flowers, benches, bridge. 905 458 6555
  • Sunny Side Pavilion Roman architecture, stucco, rod iron, gates, fountain, beach, park. 416 392 8188
  • Richmond Green Waterfall, trees, train station, alleys. Not too much shade in the middle of the day but one of the few options North of Toronto. 905 737 1236
  • Allan Gardens Indoor, plants, benches. 416 392 7288
  • Downtown Kleinburg s Doctor’s House, shops, cafes, train station, flowers. FREE
  • Downtown Unionville Old quaint houses, gazebo, shops, cafes, train station, flowers. FREE
  • McMichael Gallery Trees, rocks, barn, rustic feeling. 905 893 1121
  • Yorkville Benches, shop windows, sculptures, restaurants, fancy people. FREE